Paintings that changed the World

7 Paintings that changed the World

Paintings have the power to create a lasting impact in the hearts of the view. Depending on the taste and the liking of an individual the preference and the impact varies. Though the impact ratio is subjective in nature, there are a lot of paintings that unanimously won the love and affection of all the people. So here are some of the paintings that changed the whole world.

Paintings that changed the world:

From illiterates to scholars there are a lot of people who strongly believe that art has the power to change the world, and here are some of them

The Last Judgement:

The Last Judgement is one of the famous paintings by Michelangelo that is present in the altar of the most renowned Sistine Chapel in Italy. The Last Judgement painting came as a reality check for most people who were leading a sinful life. The painting so realistically depicts the true nature of heaven and hell. It is one of the greatest paintings ever in history.

The Mona Lisa:

Even today the Mona Lisa painting that is located in Louvre, Paris is one of the most renowned paintings of the world. It was painted by the most famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1500s. It is one among his last paintings inspired by a real-life person. The painting came as a break in the art world that until then objectified female portraits.

Las Meninas:

Las Meninas, known is English as the Maids of Honour, is one of the greatest and meaningful group portraits created by Velazquez in between 1599 to 1600. This portrait by Velazquez is stunning as the painting includes the Spanish Kings’ family along with Velazquez himself drawing them. So it is partially a self- portrait also.  It was quite special for the concept in the art world as early as in the 17th century.

The Descent From The Cross:

The body of Christ being lowered from the cross, one of the significant moments after the crucifixion of Christ is the centre-point of this artwork. This painting by Rubens was so heart-melting and emotional since it so truly resembles one of the dramatic incidents of the Catholic history.

The Berlin Wall:

The Berlin Wall is one of the most famous paintings that is present as one among the 105 paintings in the Eastern Art Gallery. The art came into existence in the 1980s, and it signifies the unification of the nations and the importance that it had in the History of Britain. No matter how old the Berlin wall incident is, as long as this painting lives the Berlin Wall issue will always remain in the memories of the people.


This art came into existence in the year 1937 and was one among the most famous and life-changing creations of Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso is one among the renowned artists of all time.  This art is considered as one of the most moving anti-war paintings of history. The painting has a close relationship with the Bombing of Guernica incident.

Rain, Steam and Speed:

This painting came into existence in the year 1844, and the artist was Joseph Mallord William Turner. It is a depiction of the Great Western Railway. The speciality of the painting is that it will reveal nothing more than a piece of vague painting in the zoomed out view. You will have to zoom in the picture to see what it actually portrays.