Famous Paintings

5 most Famous Paintings in the World

Paintings are such a bliss to see if you have the wisdom to understand them. Apart from what the picture portrays or has on its surface, most of the famous paintings of the world carry an inner meaning to it. Only the wise and the inquisitive minds will understand it. As an art, these paintings are well defined and are renowned across the world. So here we are going to list the top 5 paintings of the world and state reasons as to why they are famous.

Famous Paintings

Most famous paintings:

The Mona Lisa:

Apart from being recognised as one of the most beautiful and intelligent artworks of the history, a lot of controversies are also spun around this jaw-dropping art. All of us know that the creator of this masterpiece is Leonardo Da Vinci, the greatest painter of the history. The painting was done with oil on a wooden plank, and now she rests in Louvre, Paris. The Government of France owns the artwork. The ‘Smile Theory’ for which Mono Lisa is remembered is so famous that the word smile has become synonymous to Mona Lisa. Today the worth of the painting is about $800 Million

The Creation of Adam:

The Creation of Adam is a wall painting that is located in the famous Sistine Chapel in Rome. It is the painting by Michelangelo and is one among the 9 paintings that depict major biblical scenes from the book of Genesis. The painting is more than 500 years old and belongs to the 15th century. Though we have had greatest painters and artists after the period of Michelangelo, his painting of the Creation of Adam will always be remembered by fans, critics and others alike.

The Last Supper:

Again one of the most controversial drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci is the last supper. The Last Supper, as we all know, is a biblical event that took place hours before the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Da Vinci tried to recreate the scene but with differentiation to the incident by adding one more person to the scene, who according to the Bible wasn’t a part of it. It is none other than Mary Magdalene. This created a lot of buzz among believers and critics. However, it is still one of the widely appreciated artworks of history.

The Starry Night:

This art was created in the year 1889 by Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch artist. It is an art if the modern culture and has won a lot of hearts for the way it beautifully expresses how a starry night would appear. This painting is now located in the New York museum, and millions of people visit this picture every year.

The Persistence of Memory:

The persistence of memory is of one of most stunning artwork of the history. The art was created by Salvador Dali. It was drawn in the year 1931. Though it is one of the simple artworks of history, people still ponder over how beautifully the artist put out the theory of flexibility of time after being inspired by the theory of relativity propounded by Einstein.